We are engaged in offering a Water Testing Services to our valuable clients. Our experienced team provide all the information about Critical parameters and technical support to the clients.

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What is this service?
             The waste water testing services generally involve analysis of sample on its toxicity level. The waste water coming from the industries needs to be treated before being discharged in to water bodies. The type of treatment depends upon the type and level of contaminants present in the waste water. Following are parameters on which waste water is tested before deciding upon the type of treatment:


                 * Conductivity

                 * Mercury content

                 * Acidity

                 * Total dissolved solids

                 * Settle-able solids

                 * Hazardous chemicals

Why it is required?
           It is mandatory to treat the wastewater before discharging it into any kind of water body. The method of treating the water depends upon its toxicity level and type of contaminants dissolved in it. For all these reasons, industrial clients perform testing on wastewater.

Following tests are performed for Waste Water Testing :

* Colour * Chlorine Residual
* Odour * Ammoniacal Nitrogen as NH3.N
* Total Dissolved Solids (Inorganic) * Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen
* pH Value * Free Ammonia as NH3
* Conductivity (µmhos/cm) * BOD@ 20°C for 5days and BOD@27°C for 3days
* Turbidity as NTU * COD (Open reflux method)
* Temperature°C * Dissolved Oxygen
* Acidity as CaCO3, mg/l * Hexavalent Chromium as Cr6+
* Total Alkalinity as CaCO3 * Boron as B
* Phenolphthalein Alkalinity as CaCO3 or Carbonate            Alkalinity as CO3 * Percent Sodium
* Methyl orange Alkalinity as CaCO3 or Bicarbonate            Alkalinity as HCO3 * Residual Sodium Carbonate
* Total Hardness as CaCO3 * Sodium absorption ratio
* Calcium Hardness as CaCO3 * Cyanide as CN
* Magnesium Hardness as CaCO3 * Chloride as Cl
* Calcium as Ca * Fluoride as F
* Magnesium as Mg * Total Phosphorus as P
* Carbonate Hardness as CaCO3 * Dissolved Phosphorus as P
* Non –Carbonate Hardness as CaCO3 * Sulphate as SO4
* Total Solids *  Particle size of suspended solids
* Fixed Solids, mg/l * Mixed Liquid suspended solids (MLSS)
* Volatile Solids, mg/l * Mixed Liquid volatile suspended solids (MLVSS)
* Total Suspended Solids * Mixed Liquid Fixed Suspended Solids (MLFSS), mg/l
* Oil & Grease * Sludge Volume Index (SVI)
* Sodium * Nitrate
* Potassium * Nitrite
* Phenolic Compound * Total Silica
* Sulphite * Reactive Silica
* Sulphide * Unreactive Silica
* Iron  
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