Lab Instruments calibration services


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 Regular calibration ensures balances, scales, and other measurement equipment behave accurately. With routine calibration, you can measure safely and avoid the costs of inaccurate measurements.


We help you determine which calibration procedures and frequency are required for your equipment to stay compliant. With our unique tool, our trained Service Technicians provide you with consistent, traceable certi-ficates in printed and electronic formats.


since then, we have steadily grown by adding many new capabilities including primary and secondary instru-mentation to become India’s premier full-service calibration laboratory.


We provide calibration services to our customers in either our own environmentally controlled multi laboratory facility or on-site at their location. We are currently performing electro-technical, temperature,  pressure and dimensional calibration services for 2000 plus companies per year.


 Our success and our rapidly expanding customer base are due to part of our commitment to Quality of Service. We offer competitive and cost effective calibration solutions which are tailored to our International Standard requirements, powered by well qualified and trained engineers.


We are providing both NABL and Non-NABL Calibration services.


We have more than 5000 Customers in all over India.

 We Provide Calibration of Lab Equipment Like ,


                        HOT AIR OVEN 

                        MUFFLE FURNACE

                        BOD INCUBATOR

                        C.O.D DIGESTOR


                        PH METER

                        TDS METER

                        CONDUCTIVITY METER 


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