Weighing scales are important tools that are extensively used for varied measurements in the industries that include the food industry, health industry, and shipping industry to name a few.

weighing scale calibration is a defined process of comparing and recording indicated values gained from a weighing scale with equivalent values gained by using measurement standards.

In laboratories, small weighing scales that can measure a few grams are mostly used. But to get accurate weighing results, you need to get your weighing scales calibrated at regular intervals.

Few benefits of Weighing Scale Calibration

Let us understand some benefits of the weight scale calibration as below:

  1. Facilitates sound decisions to save your cost, avoids waste, and product rework.
  2. Calibrated weighing scales ensure reliable and accurate measurements.
  3. Allows smooth passing of both internal and external audits.
  4. Detects the aging of weighing scales as its crucial components may result in normal wear and tear with the hazardous environments or mechanical shocks.
  5. Analysis of calibration results with defined tolerances leads to improved processes and eventually increases profits.  

Results of a non-calibrated weighing scale

  • Poor accuracy in measurements.
  • Product quality is low.
  • Audit and processes are highly affected.
  • Product recall and rework.


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