The pressure is the second most variable and parameter used in the manufacturing and processing industry. The pressure is measured to understand the nature of liquid, water, and gases. The instruments used for measuring pressure in an integral unit are called pressure meters, pressure gauges, or vacuum gauges. Pressure measuring instruments are used to measure, control, and monitor the pressure of liquid or gas.  


The key reasons behind the usage and measurement of pressure measurement are identical. Pressure measuring instruments are used to measure the pressure of liquids or gases to maintain the quality standards of the products, for safety concerns of the units, to avoid explosions, to maintain the efficient working of machinery as well as controlling pressure is important for the longevity of the machinery. It is also used to get and maintain the suitable as well as the required pressure force. It is obvious that even Pressure Measuring Instruments needs calibration after some time.

There are various pressure measuring instruments available in the market as well as an online platform.

The instruments used for pressure measurement are,



A manometer is used to measure the pressure of liquid and gases. A digital manometer is a handheld device that measures the pressure and displays it on the screen. It is used to measure the differential pressure in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems as well as in other processing as well as manufacturing units. 

This device is easy to use and carry as well as it shows an accurate reading that helps in getting an accurate reading of the pressure.  

Pressure Switch

The pressure switch is widely used by industries to automatically examine and control the pressurized fluids. A pressure switch is used to detect the presence of pressure. Most pressure switches used the diaphragm as a detection element. There are different types of pressure switches available having different operating pressures. The pressure switch can be classified as per its operation like simple pressure switch, electrical pressure switch, differential pressure switch, Industrial pressure switch, and many more.  

 OMICRON - Pressure Switch (O TO 4 kPa) (DP930) + Free Calibration Certificate

A pressure switch is used in limiting the pressure as well as used as a safety valve which vents out the pressure when it exceeds the highest possible pressure limit. Pressure switches are used in Boilers, Steam power plants, Steam turbines, Automobiles, Pumps, and Gas compressors. 

 BMS Sensors

 OMICRON - Bms Sensor ( 0 to 2000 Lux ) (L110)

BMS sensors are Building Management systems that are used for automated detection and supervision of HVAC control applications. It can be used for equipment monitoring, temperature sensors, DCV, pressure sensors, humidity sensors, and many more. The BMS is widely used following its durability as well as work efficiency. It is easy to install and get the data. It helps in getting accurate data to examine as well as supervision. 

 Pressure Transmitter

Pressure transmitters are widely used in the industrial sector. It converts pressure into an analog electrical signal. Pressure transmitters are used to measure the expansive force of a liquid or gas. It is also known as a pressure transducer. Industries relying on pressure transmitters are those who operate under pressure-sensitive environments such as gas, pharmaceutical Industries, petrochemical companies, laboratories, etc. 

OMICRON - Pressure Transmitter

Pressure transmitters give real-time readings as well as rapid results that enable the reader to get the accurate reading that too in less time. 

Some industries also use pressure sensors to measure different values of interior and exterior of pressure sensitive equipment. 

 Gas Regulator

Gas Regulator

To control the pressure of a gas or liquid industry uses a gas regulator at the desired level. Regulators can be an integral device with a pressure setting, a restrictor, and a sensor all included in one body. The valve of the gas regulator can be adjusted as per the pressure required or can be used to monitor the pressure of the fuel or gas. 

Gas regulators are used in several industries like petrochemical industries, gas-powered vehicles, water-using appliances, welding and cutting cylinders, air compressors, aerospace, and many more.


There are different types of valves used for different purposes for measuring, controlling, and monitoring the pressure of a liquid as well as gas.

The different kind of valves are 


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