India being the first country to promote environmental audits mandatory, hoping it would encourage industry to shift from pollution control to process efficiency. Environmental audits are integral for the future of your business. 

Customers, communities and governments are diligently working to reduce harmful effects on the environment due to industries or other factors. Consequently, businesses and organizations are under pressure to diminish harmful effects on the environment and work out in a sustainable way. The Environmental Audit process is key component of environmental management for gauging the effects of certain activities on the environment against determined criteria or standards set by the federal government. 

Environmental auditing report ensures that organizations accomplish their terms and policy to environmental management and performance. Companies provide the details of water, raw material, energy consumption and sources used by them, and the product waste they generate, etc. Effective auditing can assess regulator non-compliance and gauge areas of poor management and control, which might have severe environmental incidents and damage

Benefits of environmental audit:

It entails myriad financial benefits including:

  • Avoid penalties by regulatory agencies 
  • Waste minimization opportunities realized
  • Identify issues of non-compliance sooner versus later allowing for proactive financial planning 
  • Staying compliance with current environmental and energy laws
  • Identifying potential cost savings from waste minimizations 
  • Show commitment towards environmental protection 
  • Improved employee relations 
  • Firms with sound environmental stewardship programs 
  • Implementation of policies 
  • Identify liabilities and review management systems 
  • Assess needs, strengths and weakness
  • Conserve Nocturnal resources

What areas are assessed under environmental Audits?

Eindustries environmental audit can assess process procedures, existing management practices and compliance that tone up with environmental standards and environmental impacts of companies. 

  • Design Specification and Layout

When initiating industry, adequate provisions are implemented in specification and layout to augment production capacity. Usually amongst various factors corresponding provision to reach out the environmental criteria is overlooked. 

  • Resource management

Resources like air, water, energy and raw materials are required for running a business. Environmental Audit would provide data to management of how efficiently the resources would be used per unit production. According to thesis, major procedures and strategies are implemented to reduce resource consumption and waste minimization. 

  • Pollution control system and procedures 

Audit ensures that systems and procedures are followed and determine the efficiency of the system. 

  • Emergency response system

The review of the emergency response system ensure that team is knowledgeable and ready to bring out effective results in face of emergency. 

Confirmation to regulatory requirements 

Regulations and standards are stipulated in frequent time that the existing system seems archaic. Factory managers are not aware of latest requirements which could be tricky for owners to comply with environmental acts. An environmental audit report helps you understand existing status with stipulation and standards by many agencies and ensure compliance.

At Eindusries we conduct environmental audits and have a team of ISO 14001 Environmental Auditors team. We are a one-stop destination for complete Environmental Audit as per industry standards. We are experienced and work with state and federal agencies to ensure that our client property transaction and redevelopment are complied with regulatory assurance and approvals. 

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