Amprobe - Contact/ Non Contact Tachometer (TACH-10) + Free Calibration Certificate


Universal, economical tachometer measuring rotational or surface speed either in contact or non-contact way. Widely used to measure rotational speed of motors, conveyer belts and other moving or rotating systems.

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Model TACH-10
Rotation (non-contact) 10.0 rpm → 99999 rpm
Rotation (contact) 10.0 rpm → 19999 rpm
Surface speed (contact) 1.0000 m/min → 9999.9 m/min
3.0000 ft/min → 30,000 ft/min
LCD size: 15(H)x33(W)mm (0.6 x 1.3 IN)
Battery: 9V battery
Power consumption: 5uA(Idle), 18mA(measurement)
Time base: 4.0Mhz Quartz Crystal
Sampling time: 1 second (>60RPM), >1 second (10~60RPM)
Measure distance: 5~30cm / 2~13 IN (non-contact)
Included accessories: Meter, 9V battery, cone funnel contact tips, reflective tape, users manual
  • Measures rotational and surface speed
  • User selectable units for contact measurement: RPM, m/min, ft/min, yd/min
  • Non-contact measurement in RPM
  • Digital display
  • Auto power off function
  • Easy to select units and mode functions



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