Electrical Instrument Calibration services


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Electrical calibration is required for checking the veracity of electrical instruments across a diverse range of industries. Under electrical calibration elements such as current frequency, resistance and voltage are checked. Ensure that calibration process has been carried out under UKAS accredited standards as it is considered the most credible way.


Calibration of equipment is not just desirable, it is rather a necessity. All measuring instruments, whether they are used in factories, laboratories or at home, need to be calibrated on a periodic basis to ensure they are offering accurate results.


However, in factories and laboratories, measurement results are usually of a critical value. Deviation from accuracy can not only affect productivity but also cause threat to the life of workers. Hence, it is imperative that instrument calibration be carried out carefully and at regular intervals.


From precision reference standards to meters, oscilloscopes, frequency counters, power supplies and portable calibrators to virtually any other common electronic test and measurement equipment, Process Instruments Electronic Calibration Service will get your equipment back in use quickly and efficiently.


We are providing both NABL and Non-NABL Calibration services.


We have more than 5000 Customers in all over India.

We Provide Calibration of Different Electrical Instrument Like,




                              FREQ METER 


                              INSULATION TESTER 


                              EARTH TESTER

                              ENERGY METER

                              WATT METER

                              HV METER

                              TIMER , ETC...


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