Maxima- Pressure Calibrator Kit (0 TO 30V) (EPCK100/200/400/700)


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*MEASUREMENTS: Electrical measurements of mA & Volts .

*Peak pressure measurements (High & Low peak)

*PRESSURE SWITCH TEST FACILITY: Opening and closing pressures are easily identified by display hold while opening and closing contact

* DISPLAY: Large backlit alpha numeric display with 2 lines (one line Pressure and second line for electrical measurement) . ‘Auto OFF’ function for longer battery life 

KEYPAD: Feather Touch keypad for easy operation . Dedicated ZERO key for Zeroing before test

*PUMP: Hydraulic hand pump with Divider Block Assembly

*Display : Alpha Numeric

* Display Backlight : LED backlight

*Power Supply : Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

* Low Battery Indicator : Yes

* Auto Power Off : 15 minutes

*Battery Backup : 20 hours

*Pressure Connection : 1/4" BSP Female

Measurements :

Facility mA Range 0 to 25 mA

Resolution 0.001 mA

Accuracy ±0.025% of Reading + 3 µA Volts 0 to 30 V 0.001 V ±0.025% of Reading + 3 mV

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