Indoor Air Quality Testing


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Following tests are performed for Indoor Air Quality Testing :

* Sulphur dioxide   * Temperature
* Oxides of Nitrogen * Humidity
* Ammonia   * Illumination
* Ozone     * Carbon monoxide 
* Hydrogen Sulphide   * Oxygen
* Chlorine       * Carbon dioxide

What is this service?
             There are numbers of chemicals present in the air we breathe. These chemicals are harmful to our health and thus a domestic air testing is required so that you can identify these pollutants. Depending upon the test result, effective method for cleaner and healthier air is opted.

Following are the pollutants for which indoor air quality test is carried out:

                  * Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)

                  * Carbon monoxide (CO)

                  * Carbon dioxide (CO2)

Why it is required?
              Impure quality indoor air is very harmful for your health and can cause many diseases. In order to check the types and level of pollutants present in air, home air quality testing is carried out so that an effective and reliable method can be opted for getting a pure quality of air inside homes and offices. These testing also includes indoor air quality testing, work atmosphere testing.


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