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Following tests are performed for Edible Oil Testing :
* Moisture * Acetyl value/ Hydroxyl value
* Moisture and volatile matter * Peroxide value
* Insoluble Impurities * Cottonseed oil
* Acid value * Linseed oil
* Free fatty acids * Test for Karanja (Pungam) oil
* Unsaponifiable matter * Test for Mineral oil
* Specific gravity * Groundnut oil
* Iodine value (Wijs) * Test for Sesame oil
* Saponification value * Test for Castor oil

What is this service?
           These testing services are carried out on tallow, oilseed, and palm oil, cooking oils, mustard oil, groundnut oil, safflower oil, soya oil, sesamum oil, sunflower oil, other vegetable oils and more.

Following are the tests that are performed on edible oils:
                  * Acid Value
                  * Aldehyde Profiles
                  * Aliphatic Alcohols
                  * Dioxin
                  * Fatty Acid
                  * Fragrance Profiles
                  * Hexane Residues
                  * Hydrocarbon Profile
                  * Iodine value
                  * Moisture and volatiles
                  * Mercury content
                  * Polar compounds
                  * Smoke point
                  * Solid fat content

Why it is required?
            These quality tests are required for getting complete information about the contents present in edible oil. For importing or exporting the edible oils, the company has to submit the complete oil analysis report to the regulatory body. The Edible Oil Testing includes testing of oil, vegetable oil.
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