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Following tests are performed for Beverages Testing :

* Ethyl Alcohol * Higher alcohols as amyl alcohol
* Residue on evaporation * Aldehydes as acetaldehyde
* Ash * Furfural
* Total acidity * Specific gravity
* Volatile acidity * Methyl alcohol
* Fixed acidity * Sulphur Dioxide
* Esters and ethyl acetate

What is this service?
              These beverage testing services or health drink testing includes microbiological, toxicity, chemical, nutritional and physical analysis of juices and beverages.

* Following are the parameters on which these beverages and juices are tested:

                  * Organic acid

                  * Anthocyanins

                  * Polyphenols

                  * Amino acids

                  * Patulin

                  * UV absorption

                  * Chlorogenic acid and HMF

                  * Benzoic and sorbic acids

                  * Sugars

                 * Flavonoids

Why it is required?
            There are regulatory bodies that govern the marketing of beverages and juices. The complete report has to be submitted with them in order to authenticate the product. The testing of juices and beverages is required to analyze their vital nutrient contents and additives.

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