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Following tests are performed for Animal Feed Testing :

* Moisture * Crude Protein
* Total Ash * Salt as NaCl
* Acid Insoluble Ash * Phosphorous
* Crude Fat * Calcium
* Crude Fibre  

What is this service?
          The animal feed testing in chennai include contamination investigation, analysis, quality, nutritional value and formulation of animal feed. The feed testing services allow the evaluation of feed that helps in avoiding nutritional disorders in animals.

Why it is required?
            All the animal feeds have to get approved by the regulatory bodies before supplied in market. All the companies involved in producing animal feed are required to submit complete analysis report with all the nutritional content, additives and preservatives present in the feed to comply with the labeling.


* The Animal Feed Testing includes testing of animal feed, cattle feed, dog feed, poultry feed, chicken feed.     The quality of animal feed decides the overall growth of your animals.

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