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Following tests are performed for Ambient Air Quality Testing :

* Particulate matter (PM2.5) * Heat Stress
* Particulate matter (PM10) * Carbon monoxide
* Suspended Particulate matter (SPM) * Oxygen
* Sulphur dioxide * Carbon dioxide
* Oxides of Nitrogen * Lead as Pb
* Ammonia * Nickel as Ni
* Ozone * Arsenic as As
* Fluorides * Chromium as Cr
* Hydrogen Sulphide * Benzene

What is this service?
               There is a local area regulation and guideline for maintaining a desired ambient air quality in the work environment. In this air quality testing service, we help you in testing the quality of air and comply with the predefined standards for the ambient air quality required. In our ambient air quality testing service, we include:


                  * Dust particle pollution

                  * Odor monitoring and assessment

                  * Continuous air monitoring network

                  * Industrial air sampling

Why it is required?
            The ambient air quality testing is important to keep a check on the quality of air you are working in. The quality of air in the industrial environment affects the health of the workforce. If the ambient air is polluted then it can damage the building materials and reduce the overall productivity.


* To grow in a sustainable manner, one need to have a check on the quality of ambient air as the contaminants in the air can adversely affect the local ecosystems and biodiversity. So, we perform industrial air quality testing at industry level and office air quality testing at office level. This also includes national ambient air quality ttesting and analysis in airesting.


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